Saturday, March 3, 2007

Korean Drama

Well, I've been working at the school for nine months and it's taken quite awhile for a drama to occur, but this week there was quite a big one. The students live together in dorms and drink constantly, I've been very impressed we haven't had any dramas or relationships even. Nine months of groups coming and going. It's astounding really.

Well, a couple of months ago we hired another native speaker from the US originally. He's been living in the Philippines off and on with his missionary parents since he was 6 years old so he knows Tagalog fluently. He's from Mississippi. He has a huge extended family there, cousins uncles aunts grandparents, and they're all musical.

He's only around 19 and very vocal with his opinions. He said right away, "I'm a redneck and proud of it."

These computer issues are bugging me so much, that I can't even rewrite this post. I need to wait until later, I'm too bugged this one is a to be continued.

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