Thursday, March 29, 2007

Flaming Space Junk- Klingon Vote

When worlds collide

Yahoo science news is great. (I think, I haven't exactly crawled the web.)

Space junk falls around airliner

Flaming space junk from a Russian satellite narrowly missed hitting a Chilean airliner over the Pacific Ocean, reports said Wednesday.

The pilot of a LAN Chile Airbus A340 en route to New Zealand told air traffic controllers he had seen pieces of flaming space junk falling about eight kilometres (four miles) in front of the plane and behind it, TV3 said.

The aircraft was not struck by any of the debris and later landed safely in Auckland.

Airways New Zealand, which manages New Zealand's air traffic, said it had been warned by Russian authorities that an obsolete satellite was due to fall into the Pacific Ocean on Wednesday.

But the debris had apparently fallen into the area 12 hours earlier than the time advised by the Russians. (There's an airline joke in here somewhere, surely!- ME)

A spokesman for the Civil Aviation Authority, which is responsible for air safety, said it would launch an inquiry after it was advised of the details of the incident.


Flaming Globes of Light! Plan 9 From Outer Space (?)

Well, my goodness. Flaming space junk.

Here's one of the greatest stories ever told:

Politician seeks Klingon votes
HELSINKI, Finland (Reuters) -- A Finnish member of parliament is aiming for re-election by campaigning with a translation of his Web site into Klingon, used in the TV series "Star Trek."

"Some have thought it is blasphemy to mix politics and Klingon," said Jyrki Kasvi, an ardent Trekkie. "Others say it is good if politicians can laugh at themselves."

He said his politics posed some translation difficulties, since Klingon does not have words for matters such as tolerance, or for many colors, including green -- the party under whose banner he is running in the national elections on March 18.

Non-warriors can also access the site in English, Swedish and Finnish.
Well, the article says that we should be able to laugh at ourselves, but I'm offended that he's trying to get the Klingon vote. Then he might have to pander to their causes. Gak should be outlawed. They will not go forward on that, and even might repeal the ban on Romulan Ale which would be a huge mistake.-Not a fan!

Just my two cents.

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