Monday, September 3, 2007

This IS the Philippines!

I forgot to post this!

I saw on the news about the You Tube video of the Philippine prisons. What you need to understand is this IS the Philippines. This is such a true slice of how the people are here. Worldwide there seems to be an amazement that the prisoners would submit to this, we just laugh. They LOVE it.

Walking down the street here, there's always singing coming from somewhere. Shopping in the grocery stores the clerks sing loudly, and this is the place where a spontaneous musical could break out at any momment. The most popular TV show here is Wowwowee where people just sing and dance. Don't get me started on that show, I can't stand that theme song.

And here's Jumbo Hotdog! That's the name of the song.

Anyway, here, enjoy.


davelaFave said...

Wowwowwee is right.
These are prisoners?
Imagine this same scene at Jackson High Security Lock-Down here in the Michigan badlands. No such luck. I suppose it's cool that they get all this great excercise and what not but I can't help thinking, what about the little shriveled old men that are ubiquitous in prisons? Do they "have to" do the dances or can they sit on the side and just sing?
I am fascinated by this.
I'm going back over to youtube right now.

ed said...

When I first saw this I couldnt believe my eyes... this just would not work in Ireland. they must not be all that "bad ass" if they can put their efforts towards dance, but I like it...more over River Dance

jedimasterbooboo said...

Riverdance...ha ha. Actually there are mass murderers in this prison and this was a really dangerous place before this. They had riots every week and murders in prison. Since they started this program, they've had no problems. It's a fascinating story. Also yes, they are very bad ass, but here in the Phils, they LOVE this dancing and music and things beyond all that.