Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I wish I looked this good...

This is one of my student's (Jack's) dog.
Someday I'll make the post about the Boshintang which will be long and gruelling. Yes, Koreans eat dogs, the dish is called Boshintang, but they do not eat their pets, and huge vast amounts of Koreans don't eat any dog at all. It's a long topic. I promise I'll get to it in the future, it's quite interesting.

Anyway, this dog looks better than I do right now, and that sweater is nicer than anything I might own at the moment. Jack tells me that the choker the dog is wearing is silver. Rats! I forgot the dog's name, I'll ask him later and edit this entry.

I came back to work for one day last week then our whole family, on that day, came down with a strange local sickness that I will not explain here. It's not pretty. Now I'm back to work with one consecutive day under my belt, and I feel like posting something fun on my way out.

I hope you all are doing great. I miss everyone.

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