Tuesday, August 28, 2007

North Korean Documentary Films

CNN interview with Nicholas Bonner

This is a cool CNN site, the Talk Asia segments are up. This documentary film-maker guy is awesome. He made this movie about two girls in the NK mass games that blew me away. I realized as I watched him answer questions that I know quite a bit about this topic, and I knew how Bonner would answer. I have less experience with North Korea, only through my interviews with South Koreans, but I would have answered the same way. I had more simpatico with the interviewee than the interviewer and that made me realize how much I've taken in on this subject. From the State of Mind website:

Welcome to the a state of mind website: http://www.astateofmind.co.uk/
The story of two North Korean schoolgirls and their families in the lead up to the Mass Games – the biggest and most elaborate human performance on earth. You may be interested in our new documentary on the last of the US defectors still living in North Korea, http://www.crossingthelinefilm.com

I recommend taking a peek at the "crossing the line" movie site also. I guess that film is narrated by Christian Slater.

Anyway, just a warning, this stuff is NOT boring by any stretch of the imagination. I need to see all this guy's work. I found it fascinating that Bonner, the British chap, was involved with film festivals in NK and said they brought in "Bend It Like Beckham" and they loved it, and they also brought in Mr. Bean's disaster movie and they love that humor.

I tell ya what, there's really nothing like watching Mr. Bean with people on the other side of the earth that don't speak your language. There's just nothing like it. Rowan Atkinson should get some kind of award or something. I've already blogged about this, I know.

Anyway Nicholas Bonner- check him out. Go to the link. Now. Thank you, and goodnight.


ed said...

What do the South Korean students you know think about the whole Norh Korea situation? Like do they think is funny, upsetting, odd, tragic? I don't know what I would think about a neighbour like that across the border to me

jedimasterbooboo said...

They don't view them as neighbors, they view them as family. That's a long blog entry. I should stop being lazy and get to it!