Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Russian Chopsticks

One of my students has been to Russia, touring St. Petersburg and Moscow, which the Koreans call Moscaba. He said there are Korean restaurants there, so he ate Korean food in Russia. I said to myself, Ok, new dream. I still want to go to the Great Wall, but add Korean food in Russia to the list. Kimchee and vodka baby.

The Korean language is actually related more to the Russian language than to Chinese, except for the written characters. Koreans are closely related to Mongolians,and not as close to the Chinese as one might assume.

They also drink a clear beverage called soju, not as strong as vodka. It's interesting to listen to Koreans from Kwangju or Busan talk after slamming shots of soju. Their speech is strong and slavic sounding, I picture these guys in furry hats when I see them drunk on the clear stuff.

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