Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What? No Kimchee!?

Well I eluded to some issues with the Admin here at this school in my earlier post, here's more. The students put up with a lot here, and the Administration ignores them basicly. In fact, they're not even here today which is fun for the teachers, but there's nobody for the students to go to if they need something.

Here's the latest development that blew me away. They now have NO KIMCHEE in the cafeteria downstairs. Koreans eat kimchee morning, noon, and night. In Korea every family has two refigerators, one for stuff and one strictly for kimchee. The food at the college here is terrible, and the fact they had kimchee was one of their few redeeming qualities. more. The guy that makes it is in Korea, but the guy that makes it KNEW he was going to Korea, and this stuff is made WAY in advance, in fact that's how you have to do it. The older the better. Also, drum's sold here in the supermarket and they have a good relationship with Korean resstaurant owners here, and could get some that way also.

It's just one more middle finger to the students.
Plus, I'm pretty sure some of them are going into withdrawls. Some Koreans only travel on package tours with companies that can provide kimchee while they are abroad. It's a big deal.

OK, everyone will survivie, but I just hate what these guys go through when they get here. Thankfully, they almost without exception love the teachers and the classroom part of it all. My class that was acting up the other day not only apologized and did a complete 180...but they also love me to pieces. Nyah.


Beloved said...

No kimchi in a school that enrolls Koreans? That is just not okay. :) I, for one, know the power of kimchi (and I'm not just referring to the stench) and had to actually learn to make it and make it regularly when I married my Korean husband. I'm convinced he wouldn't last a day without it. In fact, I took on the practice of making kimchi because I was worried he might die in the U.S. without it. kekeke.

jedimasterbooboo said...

Yeah, so you know the deal. I'm SO curious to know what it's like to be married to a Korean guy. I'm thinking your lucky because they're so romantic, but the girls say that they change after marriage. (Global issue?!)

Beloved said...

The girls are right. *sigh* Global issue? Maybe. I've only been married once so I'm not sure what would have happened had I married a man from another race, but there was definitely a change after marriage. The romance went out the window. You know, I've heard this happens gradually, over time when you marry, but with Korean men (or at least mine) it seems to be instantaneous after the vows are said (or not said, as the case may be if you got married all in Korean and had no idea what was being said--hehe).