Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Director: Jeong YunchulCast:
Cho Seungwoo, Kim MisookGenre:
Feb. 23, 2005
This movie, Koreans sometimes call Malaton. I think that's Konglish for Marathon, although sometimes they adopt strange new words into their language. This might be a real word over there.
UPDATE: The students said that the autistic guy in the film says "malaton" and that's why the name...
This is a true story. "Cho-won's intelligence is still that of a five-year-old boy. He farts everywhere, bows to his younger brother, and dances to music wherever he is. However, his mom dedicates herself to training him to accomplish a 'Sub-3-Hour,' which is completing a marathon below three hours, a dream for amateur runners." -Movie review website.
My son is autistic, but I don't know if they recommended this film because of that. The particular students in class didn't seem to know that fact when I mentioned it. Anyway, it's not hard to imagine how badly I'd like to see this movie. It sounds great. All the students interviewed gave it a 4, or 5 out of 5 rating, and all who had seen it cried.

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Beloved said...

This is one of my absolute favorite Korean movies. If you ever have a chance, you've got to watch it!