Saturday, August 18, 2007

Orange County Choppers and Australia and the Rabbit Ohs

Wow, one of my favorite shows went to Australia! They did a great job, it was so interesting. In fact, I found out that Australia has the highest population of wild camels in the world. Who thinks of Australia and CAMELS? Come on now, I didn't learn that from Jeff Corwin, folks.

We got a kick out of this journey and I'm not one for liking Russel Crowe. I haven't seen any of his movies, wait...I saw A Beautiful Mind. Yeah, over-rated. Anyway, one of the things we laugh about in our family is the names of some Rugby teams. One of them is named the Rabbit-Ohs. Why? Well, I don't know, but in this episode of American Choppers aired on Discovery Channel Aisa, I discovered that the Rabbit Ohs are owned by Russel Crowe. Interesting.

[I'm just now reminded of something my students tease me about. I guess I say "interesting" alot. They mock me, so I guess I'm a real teacher now. After one student says something, another one will turn to them and say "interesting" and everyone will laugh...yeah that's hilarious...and interesting.]

Paul Jr. wore a Rabbit-Oh rugby jersey to the motorcycle event that night and the crowd went a bad way. Paul said that the team is one that people love to hate, or something, so he took it off. Interesting!

They did one thing that's one of my dreams, they went diving in a shark tank those lucky stinkers!

Anyway, just had to mention that...we really enjoyed this trip. I'm actually thinking about joining the fan club...for the kids, of course.

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