Monday, August 20, 2007

One Time...This Guy That I Worked With Said...

"It's always about you isn't it?"

And I said, "I have to be that way."
What I meant was, I'm the head of my house, I'm the man, I'm the guy, I'm the only one who really cares about or watches after yeah, I can get a little self-absorbed. But I can't help it.

So...this leads me to do these surveys and post them, Like anyone cares.

1 - Why are you best friends with your best friend?
My best friend spot is always open, whoever wants to pivot to the top can have a spiritual coversation with me about something that matters, and then boom, they're number one. This position is always open and inter-changeable.

2 - What bothers you the most about other people?

3 - Would you ever marry for money?
Yes. (True, but looks funny after answer number 2). The thing is, I say that but there's only certain people I would marry for money, if that makes any sense. I would marry anyone who *really* loves me. ME. It's all about me.

4 - Do you prefer to text message or talk on the phone?

5 - Do you believe that 30 really is the new 20?
YES 40 is the new 30. This is really going on.

6 - If you had a crush on someone would you tell them?

7 - What is one of the toughest things you ever had to do?
Blow the whislte on someone knowing that no matter what, I would be the one getting decapitated.

8 - Name a challenge you are faced with on a reg basis?
Name a challenge that I am NOT faced with on a regular basis. Ok, that's a cop out. A challenge that I'm faced with on a regular basis is not letting political stuff get to me. It's all going to come out in the wash.

9 - Do you cry a lot?
Yeah, but it's ok.

10 - Do you have a plan?
The Devil doesn't give a %&$* about my "plans" buhwhahwahah

11 - Do you think its possible to only love one person for the rest of your life?
Yeah, but it's also possible to meet another possiblity that's for real, but the right thing to do is stay with the commitment unless there are REALLY deep resons to switch. For example, the new person believes in god more, which is irony, but life is delicious like that.

12 - Are you close with your family?

13 - Name one thing that you are good at?

14 - Name one thing that you are bad at?

15 - Your thoughts on Karma?
Everyone should watch My Name is Earl. It's not what I believe, but it's hilarious and thought provoking, and I love it.

16 - What does the 5th text message in your inbox say?
My cell phones are dead.

17 - What did you reply to it?

18 - What do you do for a living?
Talk Show Host (without the cameras)

19 - Do you honk your horn at old people when they are driving bad?
I don't drive in the Philippines.

20 - Why do you do myspace surveys?
I'm in love with myself. And you should be too.

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