Monday, August 13, 2007

CNN's blonde highlights of China.

Hey, I'm really dizzy right now, but I'll just post this one thing and log off...I've got to.

I was having a nice family time in front of the tv watching CNN, I was talking to my youngest son, playing with him, and my oldest was playing his game boy and CNN was on, the interviewer was on a split screen with Phelps, the olympic swimmer. I was half listening. Suddenly, my oldest son, still playing the game boy burst out laughing. Why? My son says,

"The interviewer just said that the olympic games are going to 'put Bejing on the map'."

No, it wasn't the Daily Show. No, it wasn't Conan O'Brien, it was a real interview.
I mean if my 13 year old, who's hardly a news analyst is going to burst out laughing while multi-tasking on a gameboy...CNN's got some blonde highlights going on, my opinion. I mean the Duck that waddles around on the set of the Conan O'Brien show might be more aware of Bejing than some of the people at CNN if you know what I mean.

That said, Kristie Lu Stout is awesome and they should just let her do ALL the reporting and stop embarassing themselves. The other thing that I saw that I'd like to blog about is Dr. Sanjay Gupta going to a medicine shop there in Bejing, it was just so rediculous.

I've been studying China for years, and I know all about the horrible things that go on there, I don't want to minimize their shortcomings; But watching this coverage at times has been like watching my grandma visit China bewildered with everything in her cute grandma way. I could really live my life comfortably without seeing another perspective from Dr. Sanjay Goofball.

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