Monday, August 13, 2007

Out of the hospital...

I had an emergency operation to remove the appendix. I also have gall stones, but they couldn't do those in the same op...and some other stuff going on.

ANYWAY. I've been recovering at home and this is really the first day I'm out and about it feels weird. I've been at home watching the news, and laughing hysterically. I want to blog some of this China coverage so badly, but sitting here even now, I'm dizzy and weak. I think also that this illness has caused some depression, which is scary and I hate it.

So, I'm dealing. Really, I expected to hit the computer to tons of messages and what not...NOPE. Nobody cares I guess. :)

More later.


ed said...

WOW, I was actually about to send out the seearch party, when someones last post is about maybe dying...and then no post for a while...its a bit scary! My friend had this op and he said he felt better within a short while so hopefully youll be all good soon!

Stephanie said...

Thats so not true. When Marty sent me the message of what happened I replied as soon as I read it. I am so happy you are better. Let me know what else is going on. How are the boys handling it?

davelaFave said...

I CARE! My goodness - I've been trying to leave comments but I might be doing them wrong. I'm not a google/blogger so I'm leaving stuff as "other" - am I doing this wrong?
The whole Olympics in China thing has me laughing as well, I can't even imagine how this will go down.

Beloved said...

I'm glad you're okay. I discovered your blog awhile ago when I was looking for blogs about the Philippines. You hadn't posted recently so I thought maybe you'd given it up, but I'm glad to see you're still around. Look forward to reading more. :)