Friday, August 17, 2007

Hey! And Apologies

Yeah, I was just commenting that I expected more messages, but yes, Steph I got yours! Don't worry, it's not a COMPLETE pity party. My dad takes the cake, I let him know I was ok, and he sent a one word email.


Hey, I have a sense of humor you know.
My kids love me being home, son number one pretends that he doesn't - but he loves it. I'm still in bed most of the time.

So much going on in the news. But alas...I don't have the time to get down here.
I'm seeing shows I would never normally watch for two seconds, one of them called "The Bachelor" I don't know if this is popular in the US or not. This one is called "Paris".
Wow, what a horrible concept. There are two ways it can go...the people involved can be so thoroughly shallow and insipid that you don't care. OR they are real people in which case the competition could rip your heart out as real people get led along into a true love situation, only to be dumped on national television competing against another love interest.

GASH! The whole thing is just heart wrenching. Next week Dr. Travis picks the winner. I've only seen the last three episodes, which is fine because I wouldn't be able to tolerate the show when there were several women. I started watching when the last two were left standing. This show just makes me cry. I can't stand Travis, because he actually says things to the women he should NEVER say unless they're engaged or they're the last ones standing, and he's done this with both women left. "When I'm with you the whole world melts away." "I have a connection with you that noone else understands."

One of these girls is probably going to be in the hospital after this show, it makes me cry. Anyway, I think he should pick Mon, because Sara could date any Tom Dick or Harry, she's generic girl, but Mon needs the fairy tale. She's the one who's going to be devastated. But I don't think that's the way it's going to go. Personally, I don't like Travis, but nobody asked me, and that doesn't mean that others can't like him.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a woman that desperately needs to be exposed to positive male examples? Other than the Bible, is there anything I can see that doesn't just make me hate men even more? There's got to be something out there and I'm open to all suggestions. Good men are out there, I just can't see it, I need help.

Hey, that reminds me, The Daily Show is on tonight. Jon Stewart, now there's a great guy.
Maybe I just solved my own issue. Anything else?

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