Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Well I'm in Love...

Well, I'm in love. I must post about Korean food. I found this great website, it's got a bunch of pictures of dishes.

The first section is meat. But scroll down to the rest. I'm so in love with Korean food, I wish I could eat it every day. I want to marry it. The food that I eat here in the Philippines at the Korean restaurant is just vegetables and spices, basicly. I LOVE Korean spices. They are not just hot, they are tasty.

Like majorly tasty! Now, I wonder how Koreans can tolerate food in other countries. Sure enough, the students here can taste all the salt in anything, because they are not used to eating salt laden food, just spicy, tasty food!

Korean food is very healthy, full of vegetables and prepared with spices that aid in digestion. Kimchee has been declared one of the healthiest dishes in the world, and I'd say it's one of the tastiest also.

I eat here at my friend's restaurant, and the students here say that the rastaurant ain't that great. But for me, it's good enough and I think that means that I would LOVE food in Korea and a Korean restaurant in Manila.

So at our table we've got dishes all over the table and knock back the Soju, which is actually disgusting but fun...and beer (come on, you don't need a link for beer!) and we discuss life and stuff and things. There's just nothing better than this.

I used to always order Dolcet Bibimbop, which is a rice and vegetable dish. I thought, yeah, you guys put a drug in this. But it's the red pepper paste that my mouth is enjoying. The other day I had the shredded beef soup, and it made my eyes water, but not in an uncomfortable way. That was the best soup I've ever had. This food is SO healthy. Mostly vegetables and spices.

You know what? I'm in love. I'm looking for a Korean husband now.

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