Sunday, February 4, 2007

New Class

Well, they've changed the schedule here and today I've got mostly "new" students that the other teacher was handling.

In one way, I was glad to see it because my first class of the day for the last two weeks has been a painful group. Not interesting students. I can almost get no conversation going. It has a bit to do with their level, but I've had classes in the past with almost no level where the chemistry was amazing and we had fun exciting classes. This bunch, I don't know. Some students give me way too much credit and spread it around that I am a fantastic teacher, and one student even told people that I was the best teacher he's ever had, like ever.

No. It really is the students, because if you walked in to my morning class for the last two weeks, you'd see the grim truth.

So, now today is Monday (by the way, it's Philippines time which is one day ahead of this blog time) and my first class had different students but AGAIN this college found a way to stick more than three people with the same wet mop personalities all in the same class at 8:30 in the morning. The odds of this are slim, because the students here are fun, friendly and interesting. They look for ways to laugh and have a good time.

I think it would be better to have them later in the day. How did this happen? It's like the devil makes the schedule. So, that's my little rant for the momment. Then my second class came in. They are talkative. Very, very, very talkative, but only in Korean as they murmur to eachother while others are speaking English.

Okay...regroup. I've actually never had a class like that before. I never have a problem with a little Korean chatter. It actually helps the class along, because they engage in more interesting English conversation if they're stimulated by first chatting about something for a minute in Korean. We get better topics of discussion that way. But in this case, class number two, it was just flat out blabitty blah with no reason other than to not pay attention while the other people were talking. Not only can the rest of us not hear, but then people are not responding to what the speaker just said with their own questions, because they don't know what was said.

So this is new for me. I'll have that changed by the end of tomorrow, it's just that I've never had to talk with them about this before.

Really, I mean, doesn't that sound odd?

I've been here 7 months, you'd think I'd have run in to that. Nope. Classes here are joy on top of joy. These are new situations to me.

I have a headache right now, and I never get headaches.

I'd better go eat.

See the las entry below for a more interesting Konglish story.

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