Friday, February 9, 2007

Fish Water on My Feet

I ride Jeepneys two hours a day Monday to Friday. I've seen a lotta things.
Jeepneys are fun and comfortable in my opinion, I prefer them to buses. Why that is the case is a story for another time.

People bring anything and everything on to Jeepneys. Chickens, roosters, and buckets of fish are common. The fish buckets are no fun to sit near because the water splashes out on to the floor onto your feet.

The other day I was on riding to work in the morning, and this lady was being fussy with her fish buckets and took one bucket of water and poured it into another bucket to raise the water level, for no reason. She was being weird. The water splashed out on to my feet. The driver got mad and took her bucket and moved it to the front seat.

What's really strange is that the water doesn't smell bad. I don't know why that is, but when this happens to me, I don't walk around smelling like fish, which is awesome.

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