Thursday, February 22, 2007

Avalon Method

So over the course of this week, the British Professor has mellowed out, I have a previous post here that I just re-read where I was a bit stressed over this guy.

It's going much more smoothly now, and I realize that if this method is adopted here, we will not be using it all day. My guess is that we definitely will be retaining our conversation classes. *Whew*.

For this method during the "New Work" stage, we are being instructed to teach the grammar rules behind why something is said a certain way.

Me: I will do this when it *reduces* confusion, only. Language is not geometry, you do not need a formula for learning any more than you need a geometry formula to cut out a triangle from a piece of paper.

We had a sentence the other day, the professor says, "Right, so how would you explain to a student why this is the proper usage?"

Blank Stares from us.

Professor: "You would say it's because it's the third conditional."

No, I won't be saying that.

So really, things are ok here now as far as that goes.

Students keep leaving, and I keep getting cards and presents and keep getting taken out to dinner.

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