Tuesday, February 13, 2007


As I type this, three feet away our famous student "Happy" is playing her portable piano and our school director is singing in Korean. She's got four fingers. Also she has almost no legs, like a torso and then feet. She can walk around, but uses a wheelchair mostly. She amazes me because she really plays that thing, with only four fingers. I'm seeing it, and I still don't get it.

Most of our students are leaving tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow. I'm pretty sad about a few of them going. After next week, I'll be glad there's not so much chaos around here.

Currently we have a British professor visiting. I'm atttending the seminar that he's giving tomorrow. We'll be learning some intensive teaching techniques. I'm kind of excited, because we're not exactly used to getting foreign visitors here besides Koreans.

Well Happy started singing, and it sounds pretty good, but I'm pretty sure that she's the one singing that horrible version of "Amazing Grace" that's on her CD. I thought it was someone else singing. They stopped playing that CD at lunch and I'm glad. Now we've got some groovy guitar music that plays, it's pretty cafe. I like it.

It's a fun atmosphere here.

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