Friday, February 9, 2007

Oh Yeah, and I Forgot Dragon Cha

So here at the college when I started I was told that the students choose "English" names. At first, I was a little taken aback, because name changing is a bit controversial. Many cultures and countries have stories of being forced to change their names to accommodate the dominating influence of the time. In Korea's case, when the Japanese had control of Korea before WWII, Korean was outlawed, and the people had to take Japanese names.

Anyway, I didn't say anything, and over time I discovered that students preferred the English names and actually called each other their new names outside the college as well. They told me it was easier for them. I was like, 'wow, ok'

The students actually say "nicknames" instead of English names, which more accurately describes the situation.

Enter Dragon Cha.
Cha is his last name and he really likes Dragon Ball Z.

Scroll down for my other entry about names- I made an entire list and forgot 'Dragon Cha'...

So this entry should be a bit more captivating and creative, but my mood is gloomy and introspective today.

I've got some students near and dear to me who are leaving, and I'm dealing with my very first batch of rude students. I've never had that issue before.

It's a bit chaotic around here lately, and typically, it's quiet and controlled. With a larger group comes all new dynamics.

I'm getting really old, and it's so weird. It's foreign to me. I feel unhealthy at this time in my life, and I've got such a packed schedule that I don't know how to interject something new or different.

It's just a little phase.

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