Sunday, February 25, 2007

Interior Blue

I stepped in to the Jeepney this morning to blue. The interior was blue and each passenger was wearing a blue uniform. I scanned quickly to see if there was a passenger without a uniform, and there was possibly one, but I glanced too quickly.

Every morning I catch a Jeepney in front of my house for an hour long ride to work. Although I've been doing this for over eight months, and think I've seen everything, once in awhile I'm surprised with a new experience.

I sat with my eyes closed, so tired. I felt eyes on me. I hated it. After 10 minutes of journey, the man next to me introduced himself and asked me some questions. Conversations with locals on Jeepneys have been few and far between. They happen, but generally it's not the forum where the locals speak to me.

I did my tired best to answer well. He said, "Where are you going?" I said Lipa. "But this Jeepney is not going to Lipa, it's going to LAWAS."

In my defense, every morning I catch a Jeepney out front of my house and the only two routes that come by are Lipa and Batangas. The signs in the front window sometimes have small lettering, and my eyes must have just seen the L and A.

I was grateful for the conversation and got off in Muzon where there are plenty of Jeepneys to catch to Lipa.

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