Thursday, December 20, 2007

Vinnie Quits OCC

This here blog has gotten HUNDREDS of hits, people searching for Vinnie quits OCC, American Choppers. Every day, more hits, more hits, more hits. I feel bad, because I only have this one blog entry about it back in October that gives virtually NO information about the topic.

I searched for the topic on Yahoo and pages upon pages of this came up. When I searched it back in October, there was only one message board that came up.

Anyway HERE is a link that I consider to be one of the best for the info and includes a link to Cody and Vinnie's new shop. Enjoy. More About Vinnie and Cody.

I guess there was a show on it that I haven't seen, and I guess Senior made the comment "Anyone can be replaced." WOW, Sr. You're the jerk that I never knew you were. KAT from LA Ink should fly in and do some V FORCE tatoos. Which is hilarious for me to say, I'm totally against tatoos.

I mean, all that Vin meant to the shop AND THE SHOW *ahem!*, he deserved more than he got. I mean OCC loves their show, and they had to realize that Vin was a huge part of the fan base.

Vinnie always acted like he was going to kill Cody, so I hope that Cody is ok with his new partner. Watch your back Code! Ha ha.

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