Monday, December 17, 2007

Pirate Master Death

AXN shows Pirate Master out here, and at the very end of the series a message flashed on a black screen "in memory of..."

Cheryl was one of the first Pirates voted off, but she came back in the end. Ben picked her to run the final expedition and their team ended up winning. This meant thousands of dollars for her. I found the following news blurb on the net.

A local celebrity and Deputy District Attorney has died.
35 year old Cheryl Kosewicz was found dead in her home on Friday just two months after her boyfriend took his own life.
Kosewicz was working as a Deputy District Attorney in Reno focusing on the prosecution of sexual abuse cases.
Kosewicz also starred in a survivor spin-off show called Pirate Master on CBS.
Officials told Kolo-8, the death is believed to be a suicide but is still under investigation.

I wonder if her job was too depressing. Of course, her boyfriend's suicide isn't so great, but she seemed like someone so tough who would despise that ending for herself. I understand all suicidal people, but she didn't fit the type at all, it seems to me...from my limited perspective.

Hope to see you in the new world...Cheryl.

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