Monday, December 17, 2007

Amazing Race Asia

Picture: The Deaf Team
Let's start with the complaining. Season One of this show was great. This season, I've got a beef.

As usual, the season starts off with a show introducing the teams, and this year I was livid. The show picked elite, spoiled model- tv star types that DON'T need to be in the Amazing race, and it seemed like they didn't even choose a variety of people to boot.

They've got models and actresses and people who were able to have apartments in Hong Kong and jet set around. Give me a break. It's maddening and boring. There's a team of housewives with rich foreign husbands who live in resort style luxury.

There is one team that I'm rooting for. AXN found a deaf person and partner to go on the race, very interesting. They are also wealthy, but at least they are interesting. There is also a brother and sister team from Japan. At least there's a different country represented there. Where are the South Koreans? India? Come on!

I want more "real" people...for lack of a better term,I mean, all these people are real people their parents would assure me. The team that angered me the most is Marc and Rovilson. I can actually see Marc on commercials here in the Philippines all the time. I mean conceivably, I could be watching the Amazing Race, and then see Marc again on one of the commercials during the show. And Rovilson is the editor in chief for Maxim in Asia. GIVE ME A BREAK. Yeah, he needs MORE money and experiences.

And the guy that produces the show said, Oh we just had SO MANY entries, it was SO HARD to choose. There's no excuse for this then.

And I told myself, Theresa, get your anger out now before the show starts, because you know you're going to end up liking all these people. And it's true. I like all the teams, they're fun to watch. A couple of the girl teams are regularly making me smile. And Marc... he is just HOT. Really. Last episode he took his shirt off for one of the tasks. Hm.

But the suggestion stands. I want MORE real people, like the husband and wife couple. Black American husband, and Philippina wife. She seems really American to me. I've been here in the Phils for two years, and I've never met anyone like her out here. I've met plenty in the US, though. They're called American women. Ha Ha. She's a Loud-mouthed tantrum throwing you-know-what. I love it. This week they're last, but I'm hoping they move up.

Marc and Rovilson. Sorry, but I hope you get ELIMINATED. Now, how much do you want to bet that Marc even auditioned for the host part when it came up in Asia? He looks like the host.

The AXN site for this show is pretty funny. It says on there that the host this season is going to be injecting his own edgy style into program this time around.

Ha ha. WHAT edgy style? He's exactly the same. My son and I joke about it every time he's on the screen. He did wear an interesting jacket one day. Was that it?

Anyway, I do love this show.

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Beloved said...

Arrgghh! I left you a comment about how much I love the US version of the Amazing Race (and had no idea there's an Asian version!), but I got some weird error message when I tried to send it. Anyhoo~~I was excited to see you on Facebook. I don't know how you found me (since I can never find anyone I want to find), but I'm glad you did. Except now I can't find you again. I did poke you, though. :)