Thursday, April 12, 2007

Wentworth Miller in Korea!

So, I'm adding page elements to my blog here, and one of them is the headlines element. I checked on adding Wentworth Miller news to the list, and up came this article about Wentworth going to Korea to promote Bean Pole jeans (March 21st). He was greeted at the airport by tons of giddy fans. They had some pictures there I looked at. Nice.

Yeah, he's huge in Korea. ALL the girls love him with no exceptions. After being told again in again in my classes how "good-looking" and "nice body-line" this guy was, I finally took note and caught the first episode of the first season on Star World here in the Philippines.

I'm hooked. He really is good to watch.

I wish I had known this news when it first hit, I would've announced it in class and had a fun discussion.

The guys love him, too.

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