Tuesday, April 10, 2007

It's been a long break...:) and CNN is TERRIBLE

I am refreshed from my vacation.

I'm also absolutely disgusted with CNN's non-coverage of the Iran- British sailors incident. I have a brain in my head, I don't need them to tell me what to think about snippets they barely want to show on tv for two seconds. A few seconds of a sailor smiling and then blathering commentary about how the leader of Iran is a genius at media manipulation was all that was going on. And it was insulting.

Questions like 'were they really in Iran's waters' weren't even asked, but commentary was given as if the answers were foregone conclusions.

Sorry, but I have questions!

There are three possibilities. One is that they were completely in Iranian waters. Two is that they were daring to enter a disputed zone and then refusing to acknowledge in the media very loudly that the area was disputed and controversial. (I heard it quickly once or twice that this may have been a disputed area)the third option is that they were completely inside Iraqi waters altogether.

Well, question...if they were completely in Iraqi waters, then wasn't IRAN violating something by entering AND taking prisoners? It seems incredible.

With the big deal that this was, surely western powers and Tony Blair would have blown a much louder foul whistle had it been the case that Iran dared enter Iraq territory and then take prisoners. Come now. Or is there no restriction on that?

I mean, how stupid am I CNN?
How stupid am I Tony Blair?

I mean, I've known CNN isn't the best source for news. I figured that with CNN I was getting shallow news, but it's news nonetheless. Now I question if any of it's news at all. Where is media I can trust?

I don't even LIKE IRAN~! But CNN is starting to make me more sympathetic just by virtue of their barely veiled cover-up and spin. What is this, a government news station? Is this China? Or worse, Fox? ( ha )

Anyway, Ahadinejad may have all these clever plots up his sleeve, but I don't need CNN thinking for me and failing to answer begged questions. Give me a break.

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