Sunday, April 15, 2007

Being Married vs. Staying Single

So here are some insights into the Korean people in their 20's and early 30's.

One of the questions for class discussion is, 'Which is better, being married, or staying single?'

The first point of interest is not that ALL the guys are saying that being married is better, but it's the emphatic manner in which they answer 'yes' that makes it even more interesting. Common answers are "Of course marriage." with the emphasis on 'of course'. Or "Absolutely...marriage is better."

Next point of interest. While most women say they want to get married, I have had more than a few female students answer that single life is better and they wish to remain single. Some swear they will never get married. Hilarity ensues.

Whenever I've had this answer given by a woman in class, the men get upset, "WHY?" they demand. After almost a year here and spending hours with countless groups of students I've been able to piece together the 'why'.

Korean men = not good!

I personally happen to like some Korean guys that I've met better than any guys I've met anywhere, but...the overall situation is painted as bleak by the women. Right now in Korea girls are lucky because in their age group 20's-30's there are more men than women. This is something that I guessed. There was a certain way that the men acted that made me wonder if there is currently a women shortage in Korea. The students tell me, yes, this is the case.

This puts the women in a favored position among men. The guys have become very romanitc beings, and say that they want a girlfriend to be a wife and a best friend. They enjoy "talkative" women, they say. I'm like...huh? wha? Wow, Im in opposite land here on the other side of the earth. I mean, day here is night over there and vice versa, so why shouldn't people be completely opposite?

Well of course they aren't. But right now in Korea is the best time to be a chick than ever before as I understand it. So why not get married?

To sum up the various answers I get: The girls say that Korean men are fine and dandy BEFORE marriage.
Let's just leave it at that.

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