Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Goodbyes Again

Yesterday at lunch in a different restaurant, I heard the Goodbye Girl song again. It must be popular here. Sometimes I feel as though I do nothing but say goodbye to people.

More students are leaving again. These last two girls are making me sad. Tyra held on to me and wouldn't let me go forever. Her hair smelled really good. I just told her, "Your hair smells good." I had to explain to them that this good-bye thing happens to me a lot now and so I can't say anything, but I feel-feelings. I've quit telling the students how I feel. I can't do it anymore. It's easier to say 'give me your email address.' Actually that's what I was telling Tyra when I pried her pretty smelling being off my person, "I'll email you right away." "I'll email you right away." "I'll email you right away." She had these big croc tears.

She chose the name Tyra because of the Tyra Banks show and I would tease her about it. I told her if I ever catch a couple of minutes of that show, I can feel myself getting dumber. She says, well fine, I like America's Next Top Model better. Ok. I admit from time to time I find that show interesting. No where near as interesting as Project Runway though.

Some students here are majoring in Fashion, so we talk about Project Runway. They love it. I'm ready for a new season of that, I can tell you. It's the closest interest I have to being normal I think. For a girl. I probably would choose Project Runway over American Choppers, if they were both on at the same time. But that's only because AC tends to get redundant.

I think Natalie my email me some pictures so that I can post more here.

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