Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wentworth and Brad: Some Observations

Well my love hate relationship with the internet continues as I search for Wentworth Miller information. I'm really upset because come to find out, there are quite a few other people who like Wentworth, too. I'm jealous. I like to be the only one, or one of the few. It's the way I am. Just found out also that not only is he a Princeton Graduate, but his major was English Lit *fanning myself again*.

I'm worried about Brad Pitt's mental health. He complained about this Vanity Fair cover. He signed a release form for the photoshoot, and this is an 'art issue' of Vanity Fair. What's the problem? The problem might be that Brad is in love with himself as much as the rest of us girls are.

I have more serious blog entries to tend to and issues coming up, but for now... here's some drivel. Some might conclude that I may need a boyfriend.

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